Thursday, 9 July 2015

was Ittily Bits... now Ginger Quilts !

Tech savvy I cannot claim to be... creative, sure but technie... meh not so much.  This is the only way I can hope that I do not lose any people who may be reading my blog in its current guise.

Forgive me the basic nature of the following...

This is the link to my new blog... i am ginger quilts:

And my website under creation can be found here:

And to make sure I have covered everything, Ginger Quilts is on the all powerful facebook too, here:

There must be a way to forward Ittily Bits to Ginger Quilts, but I leave that challenge for another day.  My work here (for now) is done.

Meet you on the other side : )

Ginger T.

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